Therapy for Individuals and Couples in Chicago, Illinois


Therapy for Couples

Sustaining a relationship over time requires solid communication, healthy conflict, and habits that keep you and your partner connected. Couples therapy is a space to practice healthy conflict, establish shared values, and explore opportunities for deeper connection.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of therapy focused on concerns related to sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. Topics discussed often include issues related to sexual performance (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving orgasm), sexual pain or avoidance of sex, concerns around sexual orientation, or challenges sustaining sexual intimacy with a long-term partner.

Therapy for Men

I work with many men who have been reluctant to try therapy or have felt therapy hasn't helped them in the past. I often find that men have different needs in therapy and collaborate with clients to find a structure that is most comfortable for them. This often involves a strong sense of direction and goals as well as an emphasis on problem-solving over an expression of feelings.

You want a therapist who is more than just a good listener. Therapy should be a supportive but challenging and dynamic space that opens up new ways of relating to the world. I aim to build a relationship based on trust and honesty to help you develop new skills and uncover opportunities for agency and growth. Clients appreciate the frankness, humor, and authenticity I bring to the therapy space. I see value in deep exploration, but will balance it with attention to opportunities for action you can take now in your daily life. I see clients not as people who are "sick", but rather "stuck." I want to help you get unstuck.

I practice from an interpersonal psychology framework and generally utilize emotionally-focused therapy (EFT) interventions. I often utilize evidence-based practices from other theoretical models including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution-focused therapy, especially in my work as a sex therapist.

About Dylan

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, an Accredited Sexual Health Provider, in the process of becoming a Certified Sex Therapist (CST), and receive supervision from a CST-S. I obtained a Master's of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2021. Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked as a leadership development coach and mentor for nonprofit and political organizations.


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